Recent Submissions

  • Locke and the desire for immortality 

    Hunt, Bruce A. (2017-01-12)
    Many scholars of John Locke’s political thought argue that for him people are naturally reasonable and rights-respecting, but this view appears to contradict the simple fact that for Locke most people are vicious. It is ...
  • Locke on equality 

    Hunt, Bruce A. (SAGE Publications, 2016-06-01)
    Scholars overlook that Locke has two distinct concepts of equality entrenched in his political theory. By recovering the centrality of natural law in Locke, these two concepts of equality can be easily identified. The ...
  • Lady Gaga and Feminine Sexuality 

    Glassford, John (2014-10-29)
    Dr. John Glassford discusses the way that Lady Gaga has packaged her image and how it reflects female sexuality.