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Recent Submissions

Oral memoirs of Mary Lou Hand: An interview conducted on April 5, 2022
Mary Lou Hand was born in Aleppo, Pennsylvania. She joined the Army in 1944 as a nurse. She served overseas in England during World War II, working with wounded soldiers in ambulatory care. She tells a few anecdotes about the soldiers that she was working with or that she interacted with in England. She was thankful that she wasn’t assigned to the psychiatric wards or intensive care. She left the service when she got married to Bob Hand from Baytown, Texas. She worked in the OB department at St Joseph’s Hospital in Bryan, Texas, and delivered babies during the baby boom. After some time abroad due to her husband’s work, including in South Africa, she and her family ended up in West Texas for the oil boom.
A critical appraisal of "Effect of Pelvic Floor Muscle Training on Female Sexual Function During Pregnancy and Postpartum: A Randomized Controlled Trial"
(2024-01) Linson, Josephine
This appraisal is over an article published in 2017 in the Iran Crescent Med Journal over pelvic floor strengthening during and after pregnancy, and the impacts on sexual quality of life postpartum. A brief introduction to the topic is provided, as well as the presented clinical question. The methodology with which the article was found and chosen for appraisal is described. The results section includes a summary of the selected article as well as appraisals of the introduction, methods, results, and discussion of the study. Finally, clinical relevance and implementation of pelvic floor exercises are discussed.
A critical appraisal of "A critical appraisal of "Effect of Senior Dance (DanSE) on Fall Risk Factors in Older Adults: A Randomized Controlled Trial."
(2024-01) Irby, Krystyn
This critical appraisal article presented a study that hypothesized the effect of dance therapy on fall risk among geriatric community-dwelling individuals. It includes a brief introduction providing background information, highlighting the study's importance, and stating the clinical question. The article then details the methods used to find and relate the study to the clinical questions presented. The appraisal evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of each section, including the introduction, methods, results, and discussion, to assess the article's credibility. The discussion covers the clinical significance and relevance of the study, offering an opinion on whether this article is credible for the application of the intervention. In conclusion, the article suggests that dance therapy can be a fun and effective alternative for balance training in the older population.
A critical appraisal of "Effectiveness of high-intensity laser therapy in patients with myogenic temporomandibular joint disorder: A double-blind, placebo-controlled study"
(2024-01) Gunn, Savanna
This paper gives an appraisal of a 2021 article originally published in the Journal of Stomatology, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery which evaluates the effectiveness of high-intensity laser therapy (HILT) in the treatment of patients with myogenic temporomandibular disorder. An introduction of the importance and purpose of this critical appraisal is given along with the clinical question that is answered by this research article. This is followed by a description of the methods used in the literature search process and the background information of the article chosen. An appraisal providing the strengths and weaknesses is included for each component of the article including the introduction, methods, results, and discussion. Finally, a discussion section outlines the significance and relevance of this study as well as an argument in favor of the intervention appraised and how it would be applicable in a clinical setting.
A critical appraisal of "Improvement of Gait Symmetry in Patients with Stroke by Motor Imagery"
(2024-01) Torres, Areli
This is an appraisal of a 2015 article published in The Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand that examines the influence of motor imagery training on gait symmetry in individuals who have had a stroke. The process of forming a clinical question, along with searching for articles about that question, is thoroughly explained. The formation of the clinical question is preceded by background information regarding the topic. There is then a brief synopsis of the study conducted from the article chosen. An in-depth appraisal of the strengths and weaknesses of the article's introduction, methods, results, and discussion sections is then presented. Following that, there is a discussion regarding the clinical significance of the study to current PT practice, whether the intervention should be used, and the validity of the research. Finally, there is a conclusion that highlights the key points of the critical appraisal.