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  • This is a test submission 

    Unknown author (1999-01-21)
  • This is a test submission 

    Unknown author (1999-01-21)
  • Evolving a Hex-Playing Agent 

    McCarver, Michael; LeGrand, Rob (2018-04-20)
    Hex is a two-player adversarial board game in which there is always exactly one winner. Although it is known that a winning strategy exists for the first player, such strategies are difficult to find due to the large ...
  • The Rhetoric of Raines: How a Change in Definition Affected One Player's Hall of Fame Candidacy 

    Corder, Everett Frasier
    This thesis uses Edward Schiappa’s definitional ruptures to analyze the word fame in regards to the Baseball Hall of Fame located in Cooperstown, New York. From 2008-2017, former Major League outfielder Tim Raines was on ...
  • An Exploration Of Hip Hop Influence 

    Hollie, DeMario Antwaine
    Hip hop represents more than just music, it is a form of popular culture and expression. While rap serves as an expression within hip hop, this article focuses on the way hip hop influences consumers through lyrics, music ...

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