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October 2018
Spear Phishing: Sport or Danger? Do you want to spend a few wonderful days in the Gulf or the Caribbean drinking little drinks with umbrellas in them, snorkeling and perhaps even spear fishing?  Me too, but we actually want to talk about the not so fun type of spear phishing that involves targeted emails intended to steal valuable information.  Criminals are getting sneakier by the day so let's not give them the oppor-tuna-ty to reel in our most valued treasures Learn how to secure your information...
Did you know...
Angelo State University has a new parking zone.  That's right!  The Parking Services Department is excited to announce the new extended "E" parking zone located at the Foster Field lot, P21, right off of Jackson Street.  Students can now purchase an "E" Permit at a discounted price of $36 for the year and can ride the Shuttle Bus from the "E" zone to the circle drive of the Ben Kelly Center for Human Performance Art Monday thru Friday 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
This building is currently the tallest on campus and was home to the Houston Oilers every summer for training camp from 1978 to 1987.
A.)  Massie Hall
B.)  Concho Hall
C.)  Carr Hall
D.)  Texan Hall

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Golf Cart Safety's Super 5
5. The Guardians of the Grounds need your help keeping our campus pretty so please operate your golf carts on paved surfaces.
4. Unless you have mastered the art of self regeneration, it would be wise to keep your entire self inside the cart at all times. 
3. Be a vigilant vigilante in the pursuit of keeping pedestrians and bicyclists safe.  Remember, they always have the right of way. 
2. Slow down there Flash, max speed on a golf cart is 15 mph. 
1. Pretty much if you don't hit anything or let anything hit you, you should be golden.
ASU's Parking Services Department has issued over 5400 parking permits thus far for the 2018-2019 school year.
#CheerAndGear... Have you stopped by the campus bookstore lately?  If not, you should take a minute or two or three to pop on over and explore our store.  Especially with the holidays and graduation just around the corner.  This would be the perfect time to spread your holiday cheer and stock up on some ASU gear.  And to sweeten the pot just a little more, you should know they offer a 20% discount for departmental purchases and 10% discount for faculty/staff purchases on apparel and emblematic gifts.  See ya soon!  
Building, Growing, & Making it Fabulous... With two beautiful, brand new buildings on campus, there are a lot of departments moving and making changes to new campus office locations or new-to-you locations.  The Department of Space Planning and Utilization needs your help in updating these changes for our Facilities Inventory Report.  We make this really simple with our online Space Change Request Form.  It's fast, easy, and allows us to keep the inventory up-to-date before our annual certification.

Upcoming University Holidays

November 22-23, 2018
December 24, 2018-January 1, 2019
January 21, 2019

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Submitting W-9's just got a whole lot easier.  All vendors have to do is simply fill out the Vendor Application online, attach their completed W-9, hit submit, and presto!  It's as easy as pie and faster than a hot knife through butter. 
Have input regarding Catering, Concessions, or the Bookstore? If so, contact Kailee Malleck in Special Events regarding information about an upcoming advisory committee meeting.
B.) Concho Hall
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