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February 2016
It is time... It's Monday morning, the sun is shining, and you are in the best mood ever!  You tell yourself nothing could possibly go wrong today.  You happily sit down at your desk, turn on your computer, and then head to the coffee maker for that fancy cup of caffeine.  As you head back to your office, pep in step, you hear a huge crash.  Gasp!  What happened?  Oh no, your beautiful vintage desk is now literally standing on its last leg.  You have papers everywhere, pens are rolling down the hall, and you can hear a busy signal coming from your phone. (Sigh) It's time.  It is definitely time to start thinking about a new desk.  But wait, before you call XYZ Company to make that purchase you should know of some recent changes.  During this last legislative session a new senate bill, SB 20, was passed which modified our purchasing and contracting processes to insure the use of competitive bidding.  In order to be in compliance, ASU has implemented new purchasing requirements to ensure we are making that good faith effort.  To learn more...
Did you know... 
Purchasing processes on average about 365 purchase orders a month and in August that total usually increases by approximately 45%.  This past August our Purchasing Office processed 531 purchase orders totaling over $2.8 million dollars. I know, it's mind boggling which is why we would like to encourage departments to start assessing their needs a bit earlier and if possible, make your purchases before the last quarter.  And remember with the new Senate Bill 20 requirements, some of those purchases may require more time.     

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In 1962 the Circle K Club sponsored a "Name the Ram" contest and out of over 50 entries they selected Dominic to be the name of ASU's Rambouillet Ram.
Ram Page Story
Shortly before the Spring Semester, a Coca Cola Vending Machine Refresh occurred.  Snack Vending is scheduled to resume on campus later in the Semester. 
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Gearing up for Budgets! The friendly folks in the Budget Office would like to remind financial managers across campus that the FY 17 budget development process will be gearing up sooner this year than in prior years.  It's time to start thinking about those budget requests.  The Budget Office will be offering more personal one on one trainings for our new employees and those new to budgeting, as well as refresher trainings for those who would like a few reminders. Please contact Mary Ann or Carolyn to schedule a time. 
That's Impressive...
The turf recently installed at the new Norris Diamond Baseball Field could carpet 65 homes, each with 2000 square feet of living space.
Brisket Anyone?  Guess what's new in the University Center's Crossroads Cafe?  It's the Ranch Smokehouse which is an ASU exclusive concept to feature products from the University's very own Meat Market.  Throughout the year, they will be showcasing several products from the meat market as well as brisket, pulled pork, or smoked turkey platters and sandwiches.  Please stop by and taste some of their amazing food.  FMI Contact Richard Gonzales.
Mobile App Update...  Have you seen the latest update to the ASU Mobile App?  You now select your user role to get information that is relevant to you, whether you are a student, faculty member, staff member, future student, alum, parent or visitor.  The app gives you easy access to the tools and services you use every day! And, if you got a new mobile device over the holidays, check out our mobile device page on how to set up your new gadget for technology services and discover tips for keeping your device secure.  You may even be eligible for a discount with your carrier!
Attention ProCard Users...  If you use Internet Explorer (IE) as your main browser you should know that Global Card Management System (GCMS) will only be supporting Internet Explorer version 11.  All other version will no longer be supported by the system. While other browser versions will not be blocked, use of unsupported browsers may result in unresolved issues. GCMS recommends that users us IE 11, Chrome, and Firefox on Windows 7 as their main browsers to avoid any issues.   
Invitation to bid... We are excited to announce that ASU will once again be attending the "Doing Business Texas Style" Spot Bid Fair this May 9th & 10th.  This fair provides procurement opportunities for Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBs) who would provide goods and services to the University based on our needs.  Therefore, should you have any potential procurement needs such as batteries, ink cartridges, etc. that you would need between now and August 31st, please contact
Jennifer Lennon or the Purchasing Office.