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May 2016
Senate Bill 11 - Campus Carry... It has been a great debate across campus and one that has not been carried lightly.  A law that expands the areas on campus in which a person with a concealed handgun license (CHL) or a license to carry (LTC) is allowed to conceal carry.  As a result, a Campus Carry Policy Task Force was created in order to gather information and take into consideration the concerns of the campus community.  Through much deliberation and discussion, the team was able to comprise policy recommendations that would ensure a safe campus while collectively upholding the integrity of the law. In April, at a special called Board of Regents meeting, ASU's Concealed Carry of Handguns on Campus Policy was presented and approved.  This policy (and law) will go into effect August 1, 2016.
Did you know... 
Central Receiving delivers on average 60 packages a day to the various departments on campus.  With approximately 300 packages a week going through Central Receiving, we want to make sure you are getting your packages in a timely manner. Thus, the more information you are able to include on your purchases, the easier it will be for us to find you. And, if you are making purchases via your ProCard it would be helpful to include the cardholder and/or department name along with the word ProCard on all packaging lists and box labels.  Should you find that your character space is limited you may shorten Angelo State University to ASU.  FMI and helpful tips...

Upcoming University Holidays

May 30, 2016

July 4, 2016

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As the end of the academic year winds down, please keep in mind that only private designated or restricted gift funds (2160) should be used to pay for parties, student awards, plaques, or gifts.  
FMI on allowable expenses...
To keep up with the demand of a growing computer science program, ASU built the Rassman Building in 1983 which housed the university's first microcomputer lab.
If you are an organizer for an on-campus camp, please contact the Special Events Office to reserve your space.
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C.)  Cavness - 1967
B.)  Carr EFA - 1976
D.)  MCS - 1996
A.)  Texan Hall - 2004
Newsletter Suggestions
Can you list these buildings in chronological order of their constructions? 
A.)  Texan Hall
B.)  Carr Education-Fine Arts Building
C.)  Cavness Science Building
D.)  Math Computer Science Building

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Purchasing's Top 5 Helpful Hints 
5.  The Purchasing Investigators (PI's) need your help with those registration fees.  If your travel requires this, don't forget to indicate on your TAR which form of payment (ProCard or requisition) you used.
4.  When purchasing those groovy awe-inspiring mementos remember to run your artwork through the Communications & Marketing Department.  
3.  Got quotes?  We are collectors of information so don't hesitate to send them all. 
2.  Be an Eager Beaver.  We want you to win the race. Therefore be sure to submit your requisitions before the corresponding invoice arrives.
1.  It's okay if you request a bid and nothing comes back.  Just attach a copy of your email request with "no bid" written on top to your requisition.     
That's Impressive...
The CJ Davidson Conference Center (UC 100-104) hosts over 270 events over the course of a year. Check out this video of the Friends of the Library setting up for the Library Style Show this past March.  
Seeking Spirited Sports Fans!  It's going to be another year of sellout crowds for ASU Athletic Events and we want you to be a part of it.  Starting Monday, June 27, 2016 the Ticket Office, at their new location over in the Foster Field 1st Community Credit Union Stadium, will begin selling ASU Football Season Tickets, Faculty & Staff Activity Cards, and All-Sports Season Packages.  FMI Contact the Ticket Office...    
Feeding your smart phones...  How many times as a kid did you hear someone say, "Don't eat that!  You don't know where that's been!"  Well the same concept applies to your smart phones and your tablets.  You need to take better care and make sure you know where they have been and where they are.  They need to be locked, scanned, and kept close track of like your cousin Vinnie after that string of convenience store robberies.  If you don't know where to begin don't fret because IT has created a page to help you figure out how to configure your devices so that they are safe and sound.  Super-Cool Web Page...  
Welcome to the Campus!
If you see these guys accross campus, please send them a warm ASU Welcome!