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January 2015
According to the FBI, the number of active shooter cases in the U.S. has doubled over the past seven years with an average of sixteen incidents per year.  This is exactly why Angelo State University's Police Department (ASUPD) conducts annual active shooter trainings on campus.  This past December, ASUPD joined forces with the Texas Tech Police Department and the San Angelo Fire Department EMTs in order to simulate possible active shooter scenarios.  Officers, using simulated ammunition, reacted to three different scenarios that were used to evaluate their tactical responses to an active shooter incident.  While this is an event we hope will never happen on our campus, it is vital that we be prepared. 

Watch "Shots Fired on Campus" Video
Did you know... 
When you leave unspent funds in your departmental budget at the end of the fiscal year, you are investing into campus enhancements.  We all know that the appearance of our university is a key player in recruiting and retaining not only our students but our faculty and staff as well.  Thus, in the event you should find yourself standing in a bathroom thinking “Wow this could use some updating” please remember, we need your help. 

Upcoming University Holidays

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The first Rambouillet ram that was donated to the college in 1940 by rancher D.T. Jones was named Shorty.  Dominic would not become the permanent name for ASU's Rambouillet until 1964.
The Special Events Office is excited to announce upcoming workshop opportunities.  
Kindly reminder to make sure you include an appropriate form of payment before submitting your print shop requisitions.   
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MIR Product Innovation Initiative

We are very excited to announce that Facilities Planning and Construction is set to complete the MIR Product Innovation Initiative project by February 16, 2014.  The Product Innovation Initiative will serve as the preeminent development center for this region in the meat science industry offering services to local, regional, and state level agricultural entrepreneurs while also incorporating an experiential learning environment.  

For more information on all of FP&C's projects, please visit our website.
That's Impressive...
Angelo State University used 6000 tons of substrate rock along with 225K square feet of turf for the Intramural Field Synthic Turf Project.
Encryption Gets Personal

Your photos appearing randomly on someone else’s profile. Important files go missing.  Personal information exposed on the Internet. These are unsettling personal scenarios we want to help you avoid. Passwords and encryption, or making data unreadable to those who shouldn’t have it, are critical tools in keeping your information private. Sony, Hollywood movie stars and Target have all been in the news in recent months as victims of electronic theft. Any computer connected to the Internet is a potential target.  This sounds pretty scary, but it’s not all bad.  We have solutions.  To Learn More...
Change of scenery?  I know it doesn’t seem possible with all this cold weather we are having lately, but Spring is indeed right around the corner.  So as you start planning for your upcoming events and/or meetings, please keep in mind ASU’s Lake House Facility as a possible venue.  Also, with its beautiful view of Lake Nasworthy as a backdrop, this would be a great place to host your next family reunion or wedding reception.  For More Information…       
It's Logo Time... ASU’s logo, seal, and mascots have become representative of our university, therefore, making it important that we protect their integrity.  So the next time you are looking to order that awesome T-shirt or that groovy mug to give as a memento, surf on over to ASU’s Logo Website for a list of approved vendors or step by step instructions on how new vendors can obtain a license.    
Gearing up for budgets... The friendly folks in the Budget Office would like remind financial managers across campus that the FY16 budget development process will be gearing up soon.  Look for more information around the March/April timeframe.
Welcome & Congratulations!
If you see these guys across campus, please send a welcome to Mr. Steven Mahaffey and say a congratulations to both Ms. Jessica Manning and Mr. Duane Pruitt on their promotions.