Comparison of Sensory Characteristics, Fatty Acid Profiles, Proximate Analysis, and Shelf-Life Stability of Akaushi Beef, Commodity Prime Beef, and Top Choice Branded Beef



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Akaushi, prime and top choice branded beef (TCB) were evaluated for multiple quality attributes. Akaushi had the highest lipid oxidation followed by TCB, and prime (P < 0.0001). Akaushi and prime had similar initial and sustained juiciness; both were juicier than TCB (P < 0.05). Akaushi was more tender than TCB (P ≤ 0.05). Evaluating flavor intensity and overall acceptability, Akaushi and prime were similar, and both more favorable than TCB. Akaushi and prime had lower protein percentage compared to TCB (P < 0.0001). TCB had the highest moisture percentage, followed by Akaushi, and prime (P < 0.0001). Prime had the highest fat and collagen percentages, followed by Akaushi, and TCB (P < 0.0001). TCB had the highest polyunsaturated:saturated fatty acid ratio (P < 0.0001).Akaushi had the highest monounsaturated:saturated fatty acid ratio (P < 0.0001).



Akaushi, Beef, Quality, Fatty Acid, Sensory, Shelf Life