A critical appraisal of "Blood flow restriction training for the shoulder: a case for proximal benefit"


This paper provides an appraisal of a 2021 article in the American Journal of Sports Medicine about the use of blood flow restriction training in conjunction with low intensity exercise in the upper extremity. The process of forming a clinical question and searching for an article that coincided with the question is presented. The article chosen for appraisal compares BFR with low intensity exercise to low intensity exercise alone through outcome measures of shoulder lean mass, upper extremity lean mass, rotator cuff strength, muscular endurance, and acute EMG amplitude. A summary of the research conducted and an assessment of introduction, methods, results, and discussion of the article is included as well. A discussion of the intervention of BFR and its clinical implications for different patient populations and injuries is offered. A conclusion of the overall use of BFR with low intensity exercise and the future use of the intervention is incorporated into the appraisal.