Perceived Group Cohesion and its Relation with Individual and Team Performance in Sports



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Cohesion is a dynamic concept amongst groups involving group integration, attractiveness to the group, task orientation, and social belongingness. Extensive research shows a positive relationship between cohesion and performance. This study aims to analyze the relationship and predictability of cohesion and its factors on individual and team performance. Participants (n=29, 20-26 years) were college athletes representing American football, baseball, women’s basketball, women’s soccer, and women’s volleyball. They were given a survey containing demographic questions, the Group Environment Questionnaire, and a performance questionnaire. Correlational and multiple regression analyses showed a significant relationship between cohesion and both measures of performance, with Group Integration-Task being a strong predictor of team performance. Investing in improving the collective pursuit of a common goal appears to be a good predictor of performance at the team level. These findings can further the literature on cohesion and performance, including improving cohesion and performance amongst groups and teams.



cohesion, performance, groups, teams, college athletes, survey, Group Environment Questionnaire