Oral memoirs of Jack Monte Jones: An interview conducted on October 28, 2021




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Jack Monte Jones was born on July 15th, 1936 in San Angelo, Texas. He grew up in various cities in Texas: San Angelo, Lake Buchannan, and Austin. He joined the Navy in 1955 for two years, was part of the Navy Reserve, and finally re-enlisted in the Army in 1963, discharging in 1966. In the Army, he was in the 10th and 1st Special Forces Airborne- known as the Green Berets. He discusses his service, including his paratrooper and engineer/demolition training, his overseas deployment in Germany at the time, and in the lessons he learned. He also talks a little about his post-military career which includes teaching and writing, and race-relations at the time. He also gives some insight into how veterans are treated in the local communities in West Texas, and beyond- both positively and negatively. Lastly, he shares his views on the Vietnam War, and the challenges he faced when returning home.


Includes interview transcript.
contained in: William and Don Griffis Vietnam War Oral History Archive
Originally recorded in WAV format at 1411 kbps.