The Portrayal of Women in Selected Works of Post-colonial Literature



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Post-colonial literature is an extensive genre, with many points of interest and applications, but the portrayal of women within works of the genre provide an interesting subject of study. The generalization of women as a homogenous group is a major element of their underrepresentation and misrepresentation in a large portion of older literature. By beginning with a brief introduction into the genre of Post-colonial literature and progressing through the reading and analyzing of a selection of colonial and Post-colonial works, these levels of characterization and homogenization emerge and highlight the limits of such works by providing insight into the restricted points of view and misunderstandings maintained by early colonial and Post-colonial society. However, these levels also serve to point out works that more authentically portray female characters through developed characterizations and balanced representations of the effects and influences of European colonization.



Post-colonial, colonial, Africa, West Indies, India, women, literature