Psychophysical effects of stimulative music, sedative music, and silence on a high-weight bench press




Rangel, Jose
Byars, Allyn

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Music has been known to have the ability to either relax or “pump up” a person based on its qualities. Previous studies have confirmed this phenomenon with respect to cardiovascular activity and grip strength. Athletes and recreationally-active individuals have long used music with rapid tempos and high-energy instruments to assist them in pushing their weight-training to a higher level than before. However, music with slow tempos have been neglected along with weight-training with silence. These variables have also proven to have an effect, either detrimental or beneficial, in previous studies. The variables tested were as follows: rapid tempo, relaxed tempo, silence, and the control. These variables were tested using a relatively high-weight bench press and a Tendo power-analyzer. There were no significant findings at the alpha = 0.05 level of significance.



Musical effects, power output, bench press, stimulative music, sedative music, silence