The Joint Intelligence Center: An Exploratory Study of Military Intelligence Operations in the Modern-Day Fight Against an Asymmetric Threat



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Reformation efforts in all aspects of intelligence operations have taken place since the inception of the U.S. Intelligence Community yet have been largely based on conventional methods of warfare. This trend continues into the use of intelligence activities in military operations as joint intelligence doctrine and operations also focus on conventional threats rather than taking into account the asymmetric adversary that is commonly faced today. These circumstances, along with previous studies into the subject, have pinpointed the essential need to maximize U.S. national security resources and assets, especially those related to military intelligence operations.

Recent efforts have facilitated better integration and coordination in and among both the Intelligence Community and Military Intelligence entities through the process of reach back intelligence and the use of Joint Intelligence Centers; however, there are further actions to be commenced in the benefit of U.S. national security. This study will employ qualitative measures of exploratory analysis in order to identify areas of weakness in organizational structure and doctrine while advancing efforts of efficiency and success of Joint Intelligence Centers concerning the asymmetric threat.



intelligence, joint intelligence centers, reach-back, asymmetric threat, JIC, JOIC