Evaluation of celery powder and cherry powder as alternatives to sodium nitrite and sodium erythorbate in restructured beef jerky



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The objective of this study was to determine the impact of clean label ingredients on water activity, residual nitrite, color, sensory analysis, and consumer acceptance in restructured beef jerky. Evaluated treatments included a control (CON) with traditional ingredients, Cherry Powder (CP), VegStable 506 (VS), and a Natural Treatment (NAT) using both Cherry Powder and VegStable 506. Jerky treated with CON had the lowest water activity (P < 0.05); the remaining treatments were comparable and met required government limits. Residual nitrite values were comparable across all treatments (P > 0.05). All values were within acceptable limits when evaluated for L* values; CON was the darkest across all treatments (P < 0.05). Sensory attributes were comparable in all treatments (P > 0.05). Sensory and laboratory analysis indicates the use of CP and VS should be considered as viable alternatives for sodium nitrite and sodium erythorbate in restructured beef jerky.



Beef Jerky: Restructured, Clean Label, Cherry Powder, Vegetable Powder