A critical appraisal of "Effects of two exercise protocols on postural balance of elderly women: a randomized controlled trial"




Davis, Rachel

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This study compares the effects of Pilates and PNF in enhancing balance in an elderly female population. Elderly women (60-80 years of age) from a church in Teresina were randomly placed into a group of either PNF, Pilates, or no activity to assess the potential benefits of these types of activity in increasing balance. Activity involved 4 weeks of 50 minutes sessions of either Pilates, PNF, or no activity that occurred 3x/week. The women were tested using a stabilometry measurement, Berg Balance scale, functional reach test, and TUG test. Of the 63 participants selected due to their sedentary but not otherwise impaired lifestyle, 58 participants finished the study. The PNF group (PNFG) had greater static balance than the other groups. The PNFG and Pilates group (PG) both had greater dynamic balance than the control group. There were no notable differences in balancing abilities between the PNFG and PG.