Nursing Care for Reduction of Pressure Ulcers in Critical Patients




Ham, Donna

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Hospital acquired pressure ulcers are frequent problems and result in increased morbidity and mortality in patients every year. For patients at risk for pressure ulcers related to skin integrity, does the use of screening tools, recognition of risk factors, increased nutrition, and special protection measures reduce the rate of hospital acquired pressure ulcers compared with frequent repositioning alone? This research explores five different evidence-based articles related to pressure ulcer prevention measures with a real patient case study as a reference for hospital acquired pressure ulcer risk. The articles suggest that there is not yet one cure-all prevention measure and treatment for pressure ulcers. There are many factors that place a patient at risk for impaired skin integrity and pressure ulcers, as evidenced by the patient presented in this study. In conclusion, it is determined that the most effective way to prevent hospital acquired pressure ulcers is to assess the patient for risk factors and for a change in baseline status, screen with the Braden scale, reposition every two hours, increase nutrition, and implement protection measures.



Nursing care, pressure ulcer reduction, critical patients