A critical appraisal of "Balance training with multi-task exercises improves fall-related self-efficacy, gait, balance performance, and physical function in older adults with osteoporosis: a randomized controlled trial"

Voskamp, Molly
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This is an appraisal of a 2015 article published by the Clinical Rehabilitation journal addressing the effects of dual and multitask balance training exercises compared to traditional balance training and physical activity. The introduction of the topic and explanation for the formation of the clinical question is presented. The process of selecting the article is described, including exclusion and inclusion criteria, as well as the specific search parameters that were placed during the search. A summary of the article is presented in the results section and highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the introduction, methods, results, and discussion sections of the research study. A discussion regarding the intervention, clinical significance, and reliability/validity of the article is offered. Final conclusions about the overall effectiveness of dual and multitask training were discussed as well as suggestions for future research and use of the intervention in a clinical setting.