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Dr. De León is from Corpus Christi and received his B.A. from Angelo State University and his MA. And PhD. from Texas Christian University Collection, and currently is a Professor of History at Angelo State University. contains one book: Picturesque San Angelo, Texas, published in 1909-1910; Los Tiempos, a local Hispanic newspaper supplement published from 1983-1985 (located in newspaper section); research materials concerning María Cárdenas and redistricting in Tom Green County; and research papers done by his students (located in vertical files). De León served for a number of years as faculty advisor for the AMAS organization on campus.


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Picturesque San Angelo, Texas, Los Tiempos, María Cárdenas, Tom Green County, Redistricting, Angelo State University, History, Student Papers, Al Celaya, Arnoldo De León, Eva Camúñez Tucker, Armando Figueroas, Manuel Bravo, José Antonio Navarro, Ed Idar, Pablo Garcia, Cato Cedillo


Dr. Arnoldo De León Collection, West Texas Collection, Angelo State University, San Angelo, TX