A critical appraisal of "Effect of lumbar stabilization and dynamic lumbar strengthening exercises in patients with chronic low back pain"




Eckert, Sterling

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This critical appraisal addresses the article "Effect of Lumbar Stabilization and Dynamic Lumbar Strengthening Exercises in Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain" and its ability to answer clinical questions related to physical therapy. As low back pain injuries are one of the widely prevalent impairments that physical therapist address today, it is abundantly necessary to conduct research, as well as appraisals of previous research, on the common intervention methods (i.e Lumbar Stabilization & Dynamic Lumbar Strengthening) being used and their benefits and/or lack thereof. This appraisal provides a reasoning for the selection of the article as well as addresses the methods used in the search for it. One by one, the Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion sections of the article are all assessed thoroughly for their respective strengths and limitations. Within each of these sections the overall quality of the research is discussed as well as possible corrections for any limitations that were found. The findings of this study are then discussed and appraised for their clinical significance and potential global application to the field of physical therapy.