A critical appraisal of "Early term effects of robotic assisted gait training on ambulation and functional capacity in patients with spinal cord injury"




Cavazos, Ivana

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This is a critical appraisal for the article "Early term effects of robotic-assisted gait training on ambulation and functional capacity in patients with spinal cord injury."� First, an introduction to robotic-assisted gait training is provided. The purpose and importance of critically analyzed articles are also mentioned, along with the clinical question that is to be answered: Would robotic-assisted, body weight-supported treadmill training on the Hocoma Lokomat be an effective treatment modality to regain locomotion in individuals with spinal cord injury?

The methods utilized to complete the literature search along with the search terms, inclusion/exclusion criteria, and limitations that were encountered were included as well. Next, information about the authors, location, publication journal, and year of publication were mentioned along with a justification for the choice of article. The strengths and weaknesses of each section of the article are analyzed and suggestions for improvement are provided.

The critical appraisal concludes with a discussion that includes the clinical significance of the study to current physical therapy practice and its relevance to the clinical question. The discussion also includes an argument in favor of utilizing RAGT therapy along with potential benefits and risks. The discussion is then concluded with a scenario of the implementation of RAGT therapy to a patient with SCI.