A critical appraisal of "Effectiveness of dry needling versus a classical physiotherapy program in patients with chronic low-back pain: a single-blind, randomized, controlled trial."




Smith, Sascha

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Abstract: This critical appraisal looks into an article that studied the effect of dry needling on trigger point pain in the low back. This study is of interest to the physical therapy world due to the prevalence of low back pain in today's society. The study was critiqued based on criteria provided in the Evidenced Based Physical Therapy class at Angelo State University. Over all, the study is considered to be done very well and could be very valuable to Physical Therapists who are willing to take continuing education classes about the dry needling technique. The major drawback to this study would be the number of cited sources that were not in English and so cannot be utilized by further researchers. The article does contain a very thorough discussion section that addresses the limitations, further study ideas, and clinical significance. Finally this appraisal looks at the results and how the statistical significance of some of them can be related to clinical practice. The last section of the appraisal discusses views on the article, why I as a student agree with the article and how I can see it being utilized in the future.