A critical appraisal of "Effects of 12-week core stabilization exercise on the cobb angle and lumbar muscle strength"




Whitehead, Kallee

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This critical appraisal identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the "Effects of 12-week core stabilization exercise on the Cobb angle and lumbar muscle strength of adolescents with idiopathic scoliosis." In order to understand the entirety of the article, each section is criticized individually and with the purpose of finding an evidence-based intervention technique to incorporate into the field of physical therapy and throughout the medical profession. The article has many different areas to look into and assess the quality of the research done. These different areas include the introduction, methods, results, and discussion of the article and all have their own strengths and weaknesses to discuss. The introduction is clear and thorough, adding in research from the literature on the subject of idiopathic scoliosis. The methods include strong outcome measures, but may be challenging for a novice to perform. Lastly, the results and discussion of the article were well written and did an excellent job explaining the evidence of the research. Each of these variables lead to the conclusion discussed in the article that it is reliable and valid to use in our plans of care throughout most clinics involving the adolescent population.