Case report: chronic ankle instability in a 14-year-old, African American, basketball player




Paswan, Sneha

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Angelo State University. Department of Physical Therapy.


Background and Purpose: Reoccurring lateral ankle sprains in this individual have contributed to chronic ankle instability. The purpose of this case study is to outline the evaluation and treatment approach that was used for the rehabilitation of this patient as well as compare it to current evidence-based practice guidelines.

Case Description: The patient is a 14-year-old, African American basketball player that has an extensive history of lateral ankle sprain that have contributed to chronic ankle instability. This patient presents 1 month following acute LAS that hasn’t healed as usual. Primary concerns with this patient are lateral ankle pain, decreased range of motion and strength, and decreased balance and postural control.

Outcomes: This patient successfully completed rehabilitation for his acute injury and chronic instability concerns. He was able to return to sport with external bracing and demonstrated improved balance and joint stability by end of care.

Discussion: This case study offers a model for successful rehabilitation for a young, active patient. Further investigation should be conducted to examine optimal treatment guidelines for a variety of patient populations.



Ankle, Instability, Chronic, rehabilitation