Influence of Exercise on Opioid Withdrawal



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Opioids are a class of drug normally associated with analgesia (reduced pain) (Chahl, L., 1996). In other words, when an opioid activates mu opioid receptors, it can result in an analgesic response. Unfortunately, it is also known to produce dependence in some patients. Dependence can also lead to unwanted side effects such as withdrawal. Treating dependence can be challenging because of the discomfort of withdrawal. This study evaluated if exercise such as running, can help decrease the severity of withdrawal, after the animals have developed a tolerance to the opioid. This project is trying to mediate the strength of withdrawal. Research has linked physical activity to improvements in cognition and overall brain function in the human body (Hillman, et al., Kramer, 2008). Non-human animal model allows access to causal mechanisms of whether exercise can reduce opioid tolerance in general. If exercise can reduce symptoms of withdrawal, it can inform clinical models and treatment facilities managing patients with opioid abuse.



Opioid Withdrawal Oxycodone Treatment Exercise