Cognitive Dissonance



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Cognitive Dissonance is a creative, short film based upon the Standpoint Theory and cross cultural communication. This film explores cross cultural communication between a police officer and a black male who has a fixed, negative perspective of police. The purpose of this film is to correlate the study of police brutality against black Americans portrayed in the media with discourse through cross cultural communication a police officer and a black American.The research argues that cultural identity and world view directly reflect representation in media. This research also explains culture, Standpoint Theory, and how the media representations of black youth and police interactions have strained their relationships. The film acts as an interpretation of entertainment education about cross cultural communication. Cognitive Dissonance poses an idea of a relationship that can begin through cross cultural communication.Understanding Standpoint Theory and cultural representation, cross cultural communication is possible as well as steps towards productive communication between effected communities and their law enforcement.



cognitive dissonance, police brutality, cross cultural communication, standpoint theory, culture, black representation in media, perspective,