Intake of salt cedar by two different breeds of sheep




Borroum, Zachary Bryan

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Salt cedar encroachment is of great concern in the western portion of the United States. Control attempts have been made with leaf beetles and herbicides in the past, but none yet have been found to be completely successful. The goal of this experiment was to determine if two breeds of sheep would consume salt cedar. Twelve Rambouillet and twelve Suffolks, along with ten Boer goats were penned for approximately one month and fed a basal ration for maintenance and growth, along with fresh salt cedar. Salt cedar intake was measured daily and body weights were taken approximately every week. Initially, intake was low, but after 2 days, consumption levels consistently increased. There was no difference between breeds of sheep, but sheep did eat more salt cedar than goats. Other than the first weigh period, animal weights consistently increased throughout the experiment.



salt cedar, Rambouillet, Suffolks, Boer goats, consumption, sheep, goats