Virtual networking cybersecurity and vulnerabilities in cloud computing applications: a systematic review



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Numerous methodologies for modeling cybersecurity defense have been developed using tree structures, matrices, and techniques proposed by several firms and industries. These approaches model actions that can be taken to attack secure infrastructures and other resources using strategic and tactical means to stop them. This paper builds on MITRE ATT&CK matrices' prior efforts to combine the components needed to address our uniquely specific and growing concern about virtual network infrastructure security. The matrix of strategy and tactics addresses a generalized solution for modeling framework/paradigm-based attacks that go beyond deploying a single exploit against a single identified target. The construction and defense of a well-defined virtual network server, its workstations, and all other infrastructures are looked at and dissected in detail for clarification. Strategies address the File Allocation Table (FAT)1/physical server and the Virtual server interfaces and the unique construction of workstations built in sterile environments at different levels of detail. SDN architecture decision-making is also critical to a software system's success as it sets the system's structure, determines its qualities, and has far-reaching consequences throughout the system life cycle2. Our review incorporates the currently existing services of MITRE ATT&CK Matrix tactics and mitigations into the ever-expanding world of virtual networking and its interface with cloud-based applications. This effort attempts to stimulate more research attention to these issues in future VMware, OpenFlow, and SDN development and where it fits into the MITRE ATT&CK Matrix.



network function virtualization, cyber security, MITRE ATT&CK Matrix, virtual framework infrastructure cyber security