A critical appraisal of "Rehabilitation treatment of gait in patients with Parkinson's disease with freezing: a comparison between two physical therapy protocols using visual and auditory cues with or without treadmill training"

Schulien, Meghan
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Freezing gait is a debilitating issue in many people with Parkinson’s disease. While the current methods to manage this issue are helping, this critical analysis wants to look into possible methods to improve the current treatment protocols of freezing gait. This paper analyzes the experimental approach of adding in a treadmill for freezing gait as an unspoken cue to support the visual and auditory cues already given to unfreeze a patient’s gait. This paper uses reliable sources, methods, and results to support their hypothesis of using a treadmill as a possible intervention. However, there are some improvements to be made in order to raise the papers credibility. Despite these issues, I believe this is a sound research approach and paper that could be used to support the idea of using treadmills as a new approach to managing freezing gait.

Parkinson's disease, treadmill training, freezing gait, visual cues, gait