Myths Of Depression




Gieselman, Hannah
Curtis, Drew Dr.

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There have been several studies on the myths surrounding mental illnesses but very few studies just focusing on Major Depressive Disorder. The purpose for this study is to see if being knowledgeable about Major Depressive Disorder influences whether a person believes a significant amount of myths about depression. The research used a survey with myths and truths about Major Depressive Disorder as well as a depression knowledge questioner to measure beliefs and knowledge about MDD. Findings revealed that 38.7% of people believe people with MDD are a danger to others, 81.4 % of people believed MDD was not just a sad feeling, 58.8% of people believed that anti-depressant medications were addictive, 71.3% of people believed depression was not just an excuse to get out of everyday life, and 33.6% of people believed MDD could be cured completely. Further implications will be discussed.



Depression, Myths of Depression, Myths, MDD