Effects of feeding high energy supplements pre and post breeding on estrus and conception of spring calving heifers


2012-01-19, 2011-12-10


Coley, Allison

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The objectives of this study were to evaluate the feeding a high energy supplementation and its effects on estrus and conception rates in Angus heifers. Treatments were 1 a control group with water and wheat pasture ad libitum and 2 diet fed once daily containing 70% Sorghum Grain, 10% Cotton Seed Meal, 17% Alfalfa pellets and 3% Cane Molasses at 2.72 kg per head with water and sudan grass hay ad libitum. Treatment 1 consisted of 16 Angus heifers and Treatment 2 consisted of 15 Angus heifers randomly allocated. The 2-shot Lutalyse method was used to synchronize estrus and Heat Watch® sensors were attached. Treatment (2) received a high energy diet during entire breeding process, and two weeks post breeding. No significant differences between treatments were observed for estrus or conception rates (P ≤ 0.05). Pre and post experiment body condition score (BCS) and body weight (BW) between the two treatments were similar. Therefore the feed treatment (Treatment 2) had no effect on reproductive performance in Angus heifers.



Angus heifers, breeding, feed treatment, Estrus, Conception