A critical appraisal of "Restoration of gait and motor recovery by functional electrical stimulation therapy in persons with stroke"

dc.contributor.authorWhillock, Tyler
dc.description.abstractThis appraisal takes a look at a study completed that was examining the effects of functional electrical stimulation (FES) on nervous system injuries like foot drop. Each section of the study is broken down with strengths and weaknesses examined along with possible clinical applications. As the appraisal starts the search process is detailed, with background of the clinical question being explained. The study's article is introduced and its publishing information is given. The introduction of the study is examined and found to be sufficient in laying out the information needed to understand the nervous system injuries and the potential of FES on those injuries. The methods of the study had more positives than not, with the design and control of the experiment being positives. The smaller sample size was one of the main knocks against the study, without detracting too much. The results obtained found FES led to many positive outcomes in the areas that were being monitored by the group regarding gait. With statistical significance, a larger sample size would be likely able to heighten awareness of what FES can provide. Unfortunately, not much was planned in the form of further experiments or studies, as again taking this idea to a larger group of subjects could provide a real impact to the population suffering from these injuries. The discussion of this appraisal covers the significance of the study and whether or not it could be applied clinically. With appropriate resources and training, this could likely be replicated and would be trusted if further work could prove the significance. This appraisal concludes with highlighting the overall positive work that comes from this research article, just missing a few things from having significant meaning.en_US
dc.titleA critical appraisal of "Restoration of gait and motor recovery by functional electrical stimulation therapy in persons with stroke"
dc.typeTechnical Report


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