A critical appraisal of "Effects of hippotherapy on the sitting balance of children with cerebral palsy: a randomized control trial"


This paper provides a critical appraisal of the Journal of Physical Therapy Science Article from 2012, concerning the effective differences between hippotherapy and clinical physical therapy on children with severe cerebral palsy. A description is provided to my clinical question, "In patients with cerebral palsy, will an increase in postural control and balance be progressed further in a hippotherapy session compared to a clinical physical therapy session,"� that resulted in the appraisal of this article. Information is provided regarding how the article was chosen, where it was found, and a brief overview of the article is discussed. A summary of strengths and weaknesses for the introduction, methods, results, and discussion are provided in the "Results"� section. The appraisal concludes with the clinical significance of the research study as well as its relevance. Implications for future studies are also discussed.