A critical appraisal of "A pilot study of randomized clinical controlled trial of gait training in subacute stroke patients with partial body-weight support electromechanical gait trainer and functional electrical stimulation"




Gibson, Allison

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Critical appraisal is an effective skill for clinical practitioners to exercise when providing services to a patient. I practiced the skill of critical appraising by using a data base to search for an experimental article relating to my clinical question. My clinical question is comparing electromechanical gait training to traditional gait training for acute stroke patients. I limited my search to interventions with electromechanical-assistance and found four quality research experiments. I chose an article from a hospital in Hong Kong that compares gait training, electromechanical gait training and electromechanical gait training with functional electrical stimulation. I chose the article because of the quantity of information over the reliability and validity of the experiment. In my opinion, the article is controversial over if it would provide credible information to health care providers. I critiqued the introduction, methods, results and discussion by looking at limitations, areas where results could be skewed and the overall quality of the paper. The article provided a detailed description of the methods and stayed in line with the purpose of the experiment. I believe the article's conclusion is clinically significant to physical therapy practice by the large margin of measurable outcomes for the electrotechnical gait training with functional electrical stimulation. In the future, I would encourage to critique multiple article before using data in the clinic.