Characterization and Observation of Dopants on Nano Quartz Crystal Growth


Nano silica particles were used as substrates for the deposition of dopant silver nano particles, with the resulting surfaces analyzed using AFM techniques. The introduction of ions in seeded crystal allow a controlled mechanism for which nanocrystal morphologies can be altered. Dopants, such as silver nano particles, provide a means of manipulating crystal growth in a way not seen in nature, useful in many areas of applied research. During this process techniques were refined for further application to the development of antibacterial metal dopants such as copper and lead, perhaps leading to the further development of antibacterial quartz nano-crystals. Controlling the morphologies of nanocrystals provides the foundation for future development of nano-sized materials on modified crystal surfaces. Future applications may result in the methodologies implementation in designing biologically sustainable nanomaterials for use in nanomedicine.



Characterization Observation of Dopants on Nano Quartz Crystal Growth