A critical appraisal of "Effectiveness of a home exercise program in combination with ultrasound therapy for temporomandibular joint disorders"




Lunceford, Kayla

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As clinicians/future clinicians we are constantly striving to provide evidence based practices for our patients. One way we can provide such care is by use of critical appraisal which allows us to weed out useful and non-useful research. Critical appraisals of literature is key to determining if certain treatments would be valid and effective for treating your patient's condition. In this critical appraisal I have asked the question of- Is Ultrasound therapy, when coupled with PT, an effective treatment for reducing TMJ pain? This appraisal consists of all the pros and cons of the introduction, methods, results, and discussion of the study in the results section. In the methods it is discussed how I found the article using a PubMed search. The article is from the Journal of Physical Therapy Science from the year 2014. The study took place in Turkey with the authors being medical staff at several different hospitals in Turkey. From my appraisal discussion I have concluded that I can't quite implement this on future patients quite yet. There are too many unknown variables in this research for me to back this but the data is very promising.