The Effects of Anxiety on Collegiate Test Performance



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A sample population of 25 students completed a survey comprised of eight variables and two published anxiety scales: the Generalized Anxiety Disorder 7-Item (GAD-7) Scale and the Westside Test Anxiety Scale (WTAS). The results of the t-test indicated that there was not a statistically significant effect, t(23) = -.356, p = .725. Generalized anxiety did not affect the sample’s exam score, t(23) = -.003, p = .997, The correlation analysis indicated that there was no significant correlation between the GAD-7 and WTAS scores, r(23) = .082, p =696. Participants reported that 84% feel as though they suffer from test anxiety, and 64% indicted that they have a current diagnosis of anxiety. 44% of the reported test anxiety measured at extremely high levels of anxiety. This information can be used to create programs that are accessible to the students to help recognize, diagnose, and treat the anxiety.



Test Anxiety, Generalized Anxiety, Test Performance