Motivational Factors Effecting Monthly Physical Fitness Assessments of 315th Training Squadron Non-Prior Service Airmen




Payne, Lisa
Byars, Allyn

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Members of the United States Air Force are personally responsible for maintaining a level of fitness that ensures they are mission ready at any given time. However, while in technical training, Airmen are required to attend group-focused physical training sessions that likely do not provide tailored training for those struggling to meet fitness standards. How many Airmen would score 85% or higher on a monthly fitness assessment if it afforded them the opportunity to perform physical training on their own? Would there be significantly more Airmen scoring 85% or higher during the summer testing cycle when physical training formations are held at 0345 compared to those during the winter training cycle, held at 1715? On average 86% of males and 81% of females scored greater than 85% on their monthly fitness assessments, however no definitive correlation could be found between motivations to score above 85% and physical training times.


Four month study of Non-Prior Service Airmen's motivational factors and Air Force fitness assessment scores.


Fitness Assessment, Goodfellow, Non-Prior Service