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The collection of historical data and materials was spearheaded by Ann Clark during her 12 years (starting in 1976) as District Historian for the Southwest Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church. The collection contains history and information on individual churches throughout the district as well as some of the pastors (12 boxes). The rest of this Collection contains material from the District and the Conference (12 boxes). Materials included are journals, church directories, histories, programs, pictures, profiles, obituaries, and miscellaneous items.


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United Methodist Church, Art Methodist Church, Alma Leifeste, Henry Jordan, Bertha Jordan, Rubye Jordan, Barksdale Methodist Church, Charles Carson, Ernestine Carson, Barnhart Methodist Church, Henry Weimer, Big Lake Methodist Church, Otto Frederick Kattner, Cowboy Church, Bracketville Methodist Church, Brady First Methodist, Brady St. Paul Methodist, Brady Trinity Methodist, Bronte Methodist, Livingston Palmer, Levy Mayfield, Warner Odell, Marie Arrott, Carta Valley Methodist, Castell Methodist, Hoersterville Methodist Church, Carlsbad Methodist, Lucius Smith, Cherokee Mission, M. Alitzer, Christoval Methodist, Del Rio Methodist, Eden Methodist, Hazie La Fevre, Evelyn Hendrick, Charley Stansberry, Paul Terry, Catherine Terry, Robert Sledge, Billy White, Eldorado Methodist, A.T. Wright, V.G. Tisdale, Ernest Hill, Eola Methodist, Marie Anderson, Homer Heimer, Fredonia Methodist, Hilda Methodist, Bethel Methodist, Julius DeVos, Ann Clark, Junction Methodist, Allie Mae Loeffler, Roland Cole, London Methodist, Ruth Franke, Mason Methodist, Llano River Valley German Hymnfest, McCarney Methodist, Melvin Methodist, Menard Methodist, Mertzon Methodist, Lorena Wilson, Hoggett-Williams, J.H. McFall, Midkiff Methodist, Miles Methodist, James Thomas Tracy, Tot Shelley, China Mott, J.T. Tracy, Ozona Methodist, Ben H. Bohmfalk, Lucile Ingham Harrell, Roy A. Harrell, Paint Rock Methodist, Pontotoc Methodist, Sadie Sharp, Rankin Methodist, Robert Lee Methodist, Laura Herford, W.K. Simpson, Lynn Tusha, Rocksprings Methodist, Sonora Methodist, C.C. Doty, Robert Pause, Glen Richardson, Florence Davis, San Angelo Day Memorial Methodist, Bruce Day, San Angelo First United Methodist, C.A. Broome, Lena Belle Scroggins, Josephine Brown, San Angelo Lakeview, San Angelo St. Luke Methodist, Paul Perry, Jan Jarboe, San Angelo Sierra Vista Methodist, Angelo Heights Methodist, San Angelo Trinity Methodist, Bob Bauers, San Angelo Wesley Methodist, Nathaniel Hankins, Robert William Johnson, Rell Livingston Palmer, Diane Miller, Eugene Raphael, Albertine Horne, Ernest Banks, Vernice Banks, Milton Banks, Alvin Banks, Sterling City Methodist, William F. Cushing, Veribest Methodist, Zula Mae Weatherford, Water Valley Methodist, Lisa Parker, James William Montgomery, J.P. Hulse, N.E. Bragg, Clinton G. Hill, John Stanhope McCarver, Gaston Webb Swofford, Charles Hardy Peele, H.L. Spires, M.C. Blackburn, John Henry E. Willmann, Era Cleota McDonald, Robert Herman Moerner, Ely W. Dechert, A.E. Foerster, Louis D. Hardt, G. Schulze, W.O. Schulze, Marcos Williamson, G.W.F. Schreiber, F.W. Radetsky, Ella M. Rode, Ruby Esther Cox, I.T. Morris, Virgil B. Eicher, Robert Warren Ellis, W.P.Anderson, Carl Oglesby, Frank Gilbert Clark, O.M. Cole, Clift M. Epps, Arthur R. Foster, Carlos L. Garcia, H.B. Day, M.L. Watt, J.D. McWhorter, Will-Mathis Dunn, Fred H. Hamner, Frank M. Jackson, James Archibol Whitley, David R. Ehalt, John Payne Fleming


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