The White Prototype: Racial Bias in Leadership



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Given the lack of leadership research that accounts for race and ethnicity, this study examines the experiences in leadership advancement for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, or BIPOC. The experiences of BIPOC are treated as rare cases rather than a source for information on important social context, like the impacts of race in leadership and social experiences. In literature, race is usually isolated to assess the influence of other variables, like managerial abilities or performance ratings. Currently, there is little research that has occurred to address BIPOC who have advanced into leadership positions. Through qualitative investigation, five participants shared their narratives about their ascension into leadership roles and positions. The key themes uncovered were preparation, initiative and hard work due to racism, and negativity. The data collected illustrated these three themes and five associated sub-themes. These themes and subthemes serve as a springboard for future research to examine BIPOC seeking advancement into leadership positions.



Race, Race and Ethnicity, Race in Leadership, BIPOC Career Advancement, BIPOC Leadership Preparation, Discrimination in Organizations, Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership, Concrete Ceiling, Glass Ceiling, Model Minority Stereotype, AAPI Leadership