The Children of San Angelo Social Health Index.




Stewart, Kenneth L.
Vidal, Emily

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Angelo State University


The Children of San Angelo Social Health Index was developed by ASU Community Development Initiatives. It provides information to compare the well-being of children in our neighborhoods. The Index compiles information from the US Census Bureau, the Texas Education Agency, and the San Angelo Police Department into 'report cards' on each of the city's 20 census tract neighborhoods. Each neighborhood is rated on 16 indicators describing facets of the neighborhood that impact children. The indicators form a comprehensive index, but they are broken down into four domains that describe children's neighborhood and households, income support levels, parental arrangements, and qualities of the neighborhood elementary schools serving the children. The following table identifies the indicators.



social sciences, economics, public health (field of study)


Stewart, K. L. & Vidal, E. (2017). The children of San Angelo social health index.