Slovakia as a Convenient “Laboratory” to Extend the Theory of Securitized Framing: The Case of Far Right’s Frame Shifting between Euroscepticism and Europhilia




Lukacovic, Marta

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Rowman & Littlefield


Slovakia is a sort of “laboratory” offering important cases, not just with interesting idiosyncrasies of this post-socialist nation, but also with opportunities to develop communication theory. The scholarship from and about Slovakia has built a useful basis for further theorizing. While this basis does not include very numerous works in the area of political communication and media studies, the communication scholarship can capitalize on its multidisciplinary roots and draw on works in other disciplines. Framing as a model/theory and its overlaps with securitization theory is a suitable example. Hence, the chapter culminates with theorizing the conditions of frame shifting. Specifically, it further defines cultural congruence’s multi-level role in impacting frame shifts. Also, it expands the understanding of securitization as impacted by both strategic political alliances and ideologies, as well as reshaped by the undercurrents of contemporary digital media environments.



securitization, Slovakia, framing, Euroskepticism, far right, social media


Lukacovic, M. N. (2022). Slovakia as a convenient “laboratory” to extend the theory of securitized framing; The case of far right’s frame shifting between Euroskepticism and Europhilia. In M. Minielli, M. N. Lukacovic, S. A. Samoilenko, M. Finch, & D. Uecker, Communication theory and application in post-socialist contexts (pp. 117-143). Lanham, MD: Lexington Books – Rowman & Littlefield.