Endoparasites of the digestive systems of four species of pocket gophers (Genus: Geomys) in Texas



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The 9 species of pocket gophers in the state of Texas are ecologically interesting in that their ranges overlap very little, leading to genetic and chromosomal variation in both pocket gopher hosts and their parasites. We examined 4 species of pocket gopher (Geomys attwateri, G. bursarius, G. personatus, and G. texensis) in Texas for helminth parasites of the digestive system. Both nematodes and cestodes were collected. Only 1 species of nematode was collected, and it was collected from all 4 pocket gopher species representing four new host records for the nematode Protospirura ascaroidea. Cestodes recovered were from two genera: Monoecocestus and Hymenolepis. There was no significant difference in prevalence or intensity of nematodes in pocket gopher hosts. Prevalence of cestode parasites varied significantly between G. bursarius and G. texensis. Intensity of cestode parasites did not differ significantly between species.



Geomys, endoparasites, nematode, cestode, pocket gopher