A critical appraisal of "The effects of exercise using PNF in patients with a supraspinatus muscle tear"




Tucker, Kasey

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The purpose of this critical appraisal is to examine the credibility and reliability of a study conducted by physical therapists examining the effectiveness of PNF techniques compared to simple exercises for a supraspinatus muscle tear. The introduction of the article emphasizes the importance of why the study was conducted but lacks background information on PNF treatment. Additionally, the methods section does not include the exact exercises used, which would create difficulty in replicating the study. However, the results section is well written and clearly presents that PNF techniques were found to increase the speed of blood flow to the supraspinatus and improve muscle function more than simple exercises. Despite the limitations and weaknesses found in the article, this study presents the potential of PNF techniques in the rehabilitation of a supraspinatus muscle tear. However, I would not recommend this article to physical therapists, as there needs to be further research conducted to prove the effectiveness of PNF training as an intervention.