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Ray B. Johnston was born in Bryan, Texas on December 25, 1892, and moved to San Angelo when he was eight years old. He worked as a farmer in Irion County. Following a drop in crop prices at the Santa Fe RR freight warehouse. During WWI, he was hired as a bookkeeper at the San Angelo National Bank (later the Texas Commerce Bank). He was named president of the bank in February 1947. He retired as an active officer in 1955. Ray B. Johnston died February 2, 1984. The collection consists of over three hundred black and white photographs collected by Mr. Johnston. Most were taken by Allen Studio in San Angelo. The photographs are stored in five boxes. Subjects include various people, animals, buildings (interiors and exteriors) and other scenes in and around San Angelo, mostly from the 1920s and 1930s. Also included in the collection are Johnston’s memoir and six antique books.


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Ray B. Johnston Collection, West Texas Collection, Angelo State University, San Angelo, TX