Forecast and Plan the sales




Park, Tae-ei

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Angelo State University


Since statisticians invented the statistical model, and many scholars have used various statistically logic models to prove theories for business, science, and engineering. Like them, this research will create a specific real estate model, using the sample city of Dallas. In this article, a researcher will infer Dallas house price matrix, crime rate, number of bathrooms and marketing days to make statistical modeling. To do this, the researcher will collect Dallas real estate data from 2016 to 2017. After researcher receiving the data and annotate concisely, the researcher will separate the independent and dependent data, and the standard will decide by the statistical model. At the end of the project, the researcher will make the logistic model to explain which house has more than 60 business days and less than 60 business days. Also, the researcher sure that this real estate statistical model will be beneficial will contribute to someone or an organization.


Statistical Business Analysis Research


Statistical Analysis, Forecasting, Real Estate, Business Analysis


Angelo State University Management and Marketing Department. San Angelo TX (2018)