A critical appraisal of "Effects of adding aquatic-to-land-based physiotherapy programs for shoulder joint position sense rehabilitation"




Geddes, Bryon

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This is an appraisal of a 2022 article published in the journal Healthcare and it addresses the effects of the addition of an aquatic-based treatment to a traditional land-based treatment on the joint position sense of the shoulder complex post-injury. A brief introduction to the topic is presented, followed by the clinical question of interest. A methodology is provided as to how this article was found and chosen for appraisal in relation to the clinical question. A summary of the article is compiled in the results section and covers the introduction, methods, results, and discussion of the research article. A discussion regarding the clinical significance and relevance of the findings of the article is presented. Final conclusions are discussed regarding the efficacy of aquatic-treatment on shoulder joint position sense and the justification of its use in a clinical setting.