A little goes a long way: Adapting an ethics training program to work for smaller universities




Stenmark, Cheryl K.
Miller, Robert A.

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The present project modified an existing ethics intervention aimed at graduate students, which had previously been evaluated and determined to be effective (e.g., Mumford et al., 2008). The existing program was modified to shorten it from a 2-full day training to a 1-full day training. The effectiveness of the modified training program was evaluated using multiple dependent measures: perceptions of ethical dilemmas, ethical decision-making and the using of cognitive strategies for ethical decision-making, and reactions to the training. The results of the present study indicated that there were significant differences from pre-training to post-training on measures of perceptions of ethical problems and markers of the cognitive processes involved in ethical decision-making, including a focus on the ethical elements of the problem, and overall decision ethicality. Finally, participants responded favorably to the program. Implications of these results are discussed.



ethical decision-making, professional ethics training, responsible conduct of research training


Stenmark, C. K., Miller, R. A. (2021). A little goes a long way: Adapting an ethics training program to work for smaller universities. Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics, 16(4), 461-474. https://doi.org/10.1177/15562646211007216