Effects of Plum Concentrate, Potato Starch, and Rice Starch as a Phosphate Replacement on Quality and Sensory Attributes of Whole Muscle Hams



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This study was conducted to determine the functionality of plum concentrate (PC), potato starch (PS), and rice starch (RS) as phosphate replacements in whole muscle hams, determined by the industry significant attributes of smokehouse yields, sensory analysis, lipid oxidation, and color scores. Clean label treatment hams (CLT) were evaluated in conjunction with a traditional processed ham control (CON). Hams treated with PS had the highest cooking and overall yield (P < 0.05), PC hams had the lowest cooking and overall yield (P < 0.05), and RS hams were comparable to CON. The CON had decreased tenderness compared to CLT (P < 0.05). For all other sensory attributes CLT was comparable to CON. Both CON and CLT had TBARS values acceptable for lipid oxidation. The CLT were darker and less red than CON (P < 0.05). Both PS and RS should be considered acceptable phosphate replacements in natural curing brines.



Phosphate Replacement, Potato Starch, Rice Starch, Plum Concentrate, Curing Brine, Hams