A critical appraisal of "Effects of closed versus open kinetic chain knee extensor resistance training on knee laxity and leg function in patients during the 8- to 14-week post-operative period after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction"




Cunningham, Matthew

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Closed kinetic chain exercises interventions have been thought to increase function outcomes as they seem to resemble daily activities more than open kinetic chain exercises. In this appraisal I look at a study comparing closed and open chain intervention in ACL rehabilitation patients with my focus being on the objective functional outcomes of the study. This appraisal investigates why I chose this question and the applications of that question to clinical practice. I detail the research process that led me to choose this article as well as the clinical significance of the article for future patients. The strengths and weakness of introduction, methods, results, and discussion will be analyzed to show what the study performed well and how the study can be improved upon for further trials. Lastly the clinical implications of this article will be addressed to demonstrate how this article can be used as evidence when treating ACL reconstruction. In this section I look into the potential risk and reward of using closed chain exercises to treat patients and the confidence that this intervention can be practically applied.